General Information about the anti-slip solution, BERLIN R13

Berlin R13 (BR13) provides an invisible, reliable and long-lasting protection against slipping on wet floors. It gives tile or stone flooring the highest anti-slip capability by applying micro-crystals, which are held within a liquid, and infused into the floors’ porous surface.

Because BR13 penetrates into your floor’s porous surface, it also prevents lime, bacteria and dirt from adhering to it, thus facilitating the cleaning process and reducing the consumption of detergents.

When applying BR13, your floor’s surface, structure and colour remain unchanged because we do not roughen the surface with acid, nor do we coat it.

As micro-crystals cannot be removed from a porous floor, the anti-slip effect is permanent, if the recommended maintenance procedures are being followed and respected.

UV radiation will not reduce the effectiveness of our product. We guarantee that BR13 achieves unique results
and is not comparable to any other anti-slip solution!


We begin by pre-treating your floor with our special products, i.e. we clean your floors thoroughly.

We apply BR13 and the crystals penetrate into the porous floor. After a reaction time, we neutralise BR13 by rinsing thoroughly with clear water, after which the floor is immediately accessible. The reaction time varies between 30 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes, which depends on the type of surface and is determined by our technician.

As soon as the treated floor comes into contact with any liquid substance, BR13 will start to work and the to-the-eye-invisible crystals enable the anti-slip effect.

Your premises do not have to close for us to apply BR13, as we work outside of your opening hours. Thus, there will be no loss of sales or any additional costs.


Usually, the application of BR13 achieves the highest anti-slip rate, slip class 3, which is the ultimate non-slip classification according to DIN 51 097.
The result of the slip class achieved can be tested by the IFA DGUV (Institute for Occupation and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance).

IFA results are used by German accident insurance companies and are valid throughout the EU.



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In your interest we will find the best solution with BR13! Anti-slip mats, warning signs, etc. are a thing of the past with BR13!



As micro-crystals remain permanently in porous floors, a reduced slip resistance can be caused by detergents’ residues on top of BR13. Then, the micro-crystals, in combination with the residues, cannot provide the desired anti-slip action.